COVID-19 Policies


My reopening is contingent upon every client strictly following these guidelines. TDLR has implemented these requirements to keep everyone safe, and it is important that they are taken seriously and that we are ALL in compliance.  

I sincerely appreciate your help and effort with these new guidelines. I want to keep you and myself (and our loved ones) safe during all this! Thank you for your ongoing support, love, and understanding!

Guideline Overview

To maintain a healthy and safe environment, we are asking that if you are currently ill -or- have recently been ill in the last 72 hours (including with a cold, fever, flu, etc.) or have early onset symptoms of an illness, that you reschedule your appointment. If you arrive for your appointment with symptoms of an illness, you will be asked to reschedule after you have been fever free for at least 72 hours without medication. This is out of concern for your well-being as well as the health of our employees, therapists, and clients. We ask that you be courteous of the situation and to reschedule as soon as you notice you are not feeling 100 percent. For the time being, please reschedule by text (714)-595-6688, no later than 12 hours before your appointment to avoid a late cancellation fee. If you are more than 10 minutes late to your appointment, you will be considered a no show and will be charged for the missed appointment. If you think you will be running late, please let me know.


PPE + Re-opening + Salons-by-JC's Guidelines


  • Only 1 door will be accessible until further notice. Your temperature will be checked at the door and you must have a mask to walk through the salon. If you have a high temperature upon arrival you will be asked to reschedule your appointment.


  • If you are having any service (other than a facial) you must wear a mask for the duration of your appointment.


  • When you arrive to the parking lot for your appointment, please send me a text to check in at (714)-595-6688 and let me know you are here. Wait for my reply! I will notify you when I am ready for you to enter the building. I will be waiting for you at my suite. (#3) Please understand that with the new requirements, you may wait a little longer than usual. I will do my absolute best to stay on time, but please be understanding.


  • There will be NO waiting in the building before or after your appointment. You must wait in your car. This is Salons-by-JC ’s policy.


  • In an effort to keep all involved safe, we should still do what we can to practice social distancing. As much as it kills me, there will be no hello or goodbye hugs! A wave and a smile, will do just fine! 


  • Masks are to be worn while walking to and from your appointment within the Salons-by-JC building. This is Salons-by-JC ’s policy.

  • Please leave extra belongings at home before coming to your appointment (i.e. large purses, water bottles, food, drinks). The less stuff you bring with you, the better! Any belongings you do have with you, will be placed in a laundry bin that is cleaned, sanitized, and disinfected before and after each client. Wallet, phone, keys, mask, and your own personal hand sanitizer should be all you need!

  • No extra guests are allowed in the salon or at your appointment. Extra guests must wait in their car.


Payment + Product Pickup Methods


If you typically pay in cash, please consider downloading Zelle ( and paying that way. You will still receive a receipt! If you pay by CC, I will be offering contactless invoice pay. If you need to pay with physical cash, I will have envelopes for you to put the cash in after the service so that I may open it at a later time. Remember: paying by cash or Zelle saves me so much in processing fees and is greatly appreciated!

  • There will be no linens on the table to avoid spreading illnesses per TDLR requirements. If you get cold, please bring a blanket of your own.

  • Until further notice, you must leave all clothes on for your appointment and I will be only strictly working on the areas of service. Scalp massages only during this time.

  • There will be extra time added before and after your appointment to ensure we are following TDLR’s new requirements effectively for disinfecting and sanitizing.

  • We have implemented a new touchless hand sanitizing container in our suite. Please wash your hands when you arrive to my suite and hit the sanitizer on the way out!

Online Store Return & Shipping Policy

Return and Exchange:


Due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak, we are taking all measures to maximize safety of our team and our customers. The following changes will take effect immediately and stay in effect until further notice:

  • All sales are final, we will not accept product exchanges or returns at this time.

  • Oxygen Beauty Studio is not responsible for any lost or stolen packages. Please double check that your shipping address is correct before finalizing an order.

  • I pride of myself on prompt shipping times. Some orders are boxed separately by brand but rest assured, you will receive your full order.

  • If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask at

  • Thank you for your continued support and patience, it's appreciated greatly. As a small business of one, it's very important to me to ensure you're satisfied  and educated with your purchase .




  • Free Shipping On US for Order $49+

  • Oxygen Beauty Studio only ships products within the United States.

  • Some orders are boxed separately by brand, You will continue to receive email updates for all items shipped.

  • All products will be delivered within 3-9 days excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. If there are special circumstances, we will timely email notification.

  • Finally, please turn on music and enjoy your shopping.