1x Box of Mlen False Magnetic Eyelashes Set - Style: Hepburn's Eyeliner (Chinese Style Name: 赫本眼綫款)


Length: 8-9-10-11-12-12-11mm fan arrangement

Curl: B+ degree of curling, flowering low density

Eyelash Width: 26-27mm, inner and outer corner of eye can be trimmed by 1-1.5mm




Mlen Magnetic Lashes with Eyelashes Packaging Box Eyelash Magnet


1 pair of Soft Magnetic Eyelashes, 

1x Eyelash Applicator

1x Eyelashes carrier case with mirror

1x Stylish travel bag


  • Imported Antibacterial Artificial Mink Eyelash
  • Super light and soft with 0.04mm tip, weight 0.001oz only 
  • 0.025-0.05mm ultra-fine artificial mink eyelash
  • Easy application
  • Glue Free = Healthier natural lashes of yours
  • $$ Saving compared to traditional eyelash extension by technicians
  • No embarrassed half-empty eyelash extension period
  • Each set can be worn up to 300 times
  • 100% MLEN authentic
  • Brand New sealed packaging

* All Mlen Magnetic Lasher products are non-refundable. Shipping fee adds $8.25.  



Hepburn's Eyeliner 赫本眼綫

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